Thursday, September 17, 2020

My New Shed

My New Shed

Building and organizing my shed was a time-consuming project but well worth the time and effort. It's also a great selling feature when it's time to sell your home. In my case, I needed a shed to put all my tools and outdoor items. I bought this pre-fab shed and had my contractor New Island Remodeling put it together. They did a great job as usual.

1. Building Phase -  Reading those instructions was time-consuming. Looking good.

3. Painting - Construction is done; now, the painting begins—a lot of work on my part but worth it. I painted the inside and the outside. Why do you ask? Because it brightened up the interior and protected the outdoor against the weather elements.

3. Organizing - This shed came with two shelves. Very handy, it allowed me to store my tables and outdoor area rug. I added hooks to hang items that were large or bulky. I labeled all my items—this way, when my kids use the items, they know where to put it back. No excuses!!

I bought these white storage cubes from Home Depot. They are great because they are plastic. I bought three sets. They come in in a two-pack.

I bought these fabric storage bins from Target. They are called Threshold Fabric Cube. They come in different colors and fit perfectly in those white cubes.

I used PVC tubing and cut them on an angle then nailed them to the wood. This allowed me to store my large items. Very organized.

Lastly, I use these hooks to hang my ladders, hose, and eventually, my snow shovels.

It's not done until I add some piazza to it. Couldn't help myself!! 

Now it's all done. It gives me a lot of storage. I'm very proud of what I've accomplished on my own. I'm not done yet; I will be adding cement sometime soon. This way, there won't be such a big step getting in or out of the shed. It will also prevent it from getting muddy.


Thursday, September 3, 2020

Color in the Kitchen!!

Color in the kitchen

Color in the kitchen? Why, yes, please. Today's kitchen has a lot more color then they have in the past few years. Do you remember the 50's when colored appliances were all the rage? Since then, color in the kitchen has all but phased out. But I'm starting to see the return of color in the kitchen, and I love it.

Don't want to invest in major (color appliance) purchase? Afraid it may be outdated in a few years? Then how about using smaller appaliances?

There is so much to choose from. Anyone of these appliances can add so much color to your kitchen without a considerable commitment. Are you tired of the color? Switch it out to another color. Yes, it will indeed be expensive to switch out your coffee pot, toaster, or blender, but its a lot less than switching out your stove.

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