Thursday, March 26, 2020

Painted fireplace; Good or bad idea?

Painted Fireplace; Good or Bad Idea??

Painted fireplace, is it a good or bad idea?? Tough decision. It all depends on the condition of the fireplace. When I recommend painting the fireplace, I often get a reaction from my clients. "Really? You think I should paint it?" is usually the response I get. But if your fireplace is old and outdated, then yes, by all means, paint it.

As you can see, you can also paint it a different color other than white. Black looks stunning. An ugly fireplace is a potential problem for buyers, so if your fireplace is old and outdated, or it just isn't appealing, then paint it. This will give it an updated look.

Thursday, March 19, 2020

Master bedroom a huge selling point

Master Bedroom, A Huge Selling Point

A master bedroom is a huge selling point. Many buyers want a 5-star quality master bedroom when purchasing a home. That is why it's so important to update your bedroom, along with your kitchen and bathrooms. It isn't challenging to achieve a high-end look. Sometimes they are a simple solution that has excellent outcomes. Here are some easy steps to making the bedroom of your dreams.

Imperfection - Don't try to fight it, instead embrace it and work around it. In this bedroom, the window did not allow curtains to be hung on one side. Instead, use a shorter curtain and frame one side of the window. It works well.

Matchy-Matchy - This is one place you can and should match. Matching nightstand and lamps will give the room a symmetrical look. This will enhance that soothing feeling that we all want.

Fabric - Use fabric that can withstand stains. When selling your home, try not to use bold colors, jarring patterns, or lacy fabric. If you're using a pattern, make sure you repeat it and keep it simple.

Color - When choosing the bed sheets for your comforter, my rule of thumb is to match the comforter. Too many colors are jarring to your senses. Make sure the color of your wall co-ordinates with your bedding. This way, you will have a cohesive look.

Remember this is your bedroom, use items that will appeal to your senses. Limit the amount of furniture, especially if you're selling your home, and don't put your office in your bedroom. Too many times, I've seen a master bedroom with an identity crisis. They are often used as either an office or storage area. This is a place to retrieve from your hectic life!! Treat it like a sanctuary.
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Thursday, March 5, 2020

Problems with wet basement

Problems with a wet basement floor

Do you have problems with a wet basement floor? The issue with the basement, it sometimes gets flooded. So what kind of flooring can you put in a cellar that can take water issues? Carpet is no right, mold issues, Wood out of the question, it will warp with time. Laminates floors, adhesive get wet, making the tiles pop up. Floating floors, water will damage the particle boards.

So what can you use? Vinyl flooring is the answer. It can have the beauty and look of wood without the expense. 

It's durable and completely waterproof. There are many different styles and many different qualities. Some are peel and stick, that won't work with the water issue. Some you click into place. Do your homework and find out which will work for your space
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